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Executive Board Chairwoman – Deb DeLor (502) 741-2195

Coming Events

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EASTWOOD COMMUNITY MEETING: Saturday, August 12 at 11 AM at Eastwood Fire Station. The meeting is open to all and all interested parties are encouraged to attend.

Re:  Bryant Farm Development. See attached plan.

Meeting Agenda: To discuss related issues as listed below.

Issues related to Bryant Farm Proposed Development:

Transportation Issues Include:

  • There are no breaks in traffic or slowing in traffic from Beckley Station to Flat Rock Road
  • Recent fatality at Johnson Road and Shelbyville Road
  • Already experiencing numerous turn issues from Brookfield, Johnson Rd, etc.
  • Issues of parking in development not addressed – despite HOA regulations on street parking.
  • Need parking space for excess vehicles in development.
  • Need traffic signals and turn lane before any developments are approved.

Education issues:

  • Current school facilities maxed out.
  • Capacity issue for children defined by style of development.

Other Issues:

  • Drainage
  • Sewers
  • Tree Canopy/greenspace

-Village Form District

  • Standards require connectivity to adjacent spaces (stub roads), sidewalks and front relationships to Shelbyville Road with sidewalks
  • -R4 – R5 not acceptable when subdivision density all around are R4
  • Consider conversion of front on Shelbyville Road to stub and small scale commercial
  • Stub vs Cul-de-sac
  • Unacceptable backyard relationship to Shelbyville Road
  • Adjacency to Gardiner Park Commercial District requires connectivity, sidewalks and front property relationships to Shelbyville Road

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What does the Eastwood Village Council Do?

We are a non-profit developed to advocate, promote and help revitalize the Eastwood area for village style growth, according to the Eastwood Neighborhood Plan, approved by Louisville Metro Council in 2005. The Eastwood area extends from Long Run Park to Taylorsville Road and the Shelby County line to Floyd’s Fork.

How can you support Eastwood?

Visit our monthly meetings held at 7 PM, on the second Tuesday of the month, at the Eastwood Fire District Station #1, become a member, or join an interest group. You can help all aspects of your community with your participation in the Eastwood Village Council. It’s easy and it’s fun! For details: visit www.eastwoodvillagecouncil.com, our Facebook page @eastwoodky, or shoot us an email at info@eastwoodvillagecouncil.com.

What’s going on now?

The public is welcome and invited to all our activities.


August monthly business meeting date change – August 15, 2017 @ 7PM at the Eastwood Fire District Station #1

Eastwood Area Yard Sale – September 8 + 9

September and October Monthly Meetings – 9/12, 10/10

Annual Meeting - November 14, 2017 7PM- 9:00PM. Vote for the EVC Board and hear from our public officials regarding the latest and greatest Eastwood Area related information.



Eastwood Village Council

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